Meeplemaker was founded in 2018 by a former packaging designer and all-time board game enthusiast. We take pride in creating fantastic board game organizers - also known as inserts - and accessories.

Thousands of boardgames are released every year, yet the minority of them has a an out-of-the-box storage solution. Our board game inserts are designed to help you to:

Our inserts are made of Baltic birch plywood and cut using a high-powered CO2 lasercutter. The machine focusses a powerful beam of light to precisely cut through the wood. The beam leaves the edges lightly charred with a smell of burning wood. This smell will dissipate over time.

We deliver our inserts as a building kit with a clear manual. Every single piece is marked so it's easy to sort and identify them while building. They look great unfinished but can be painted or varnished should you wish to do so.

As a complementary activity and service to board game designers and publishers, we can also help you creating prototypes or custom objects for your newly designed board game such as:

With our experience in cardboard design, we are able to design components using various techniques as laser-cutting, 3D-printing, die-cutting, digital and offset printing, vacuum-forming,... Just contact us and ask for the possibilities.